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A shaft-woven, rug that gives you the freedom to combine patterns, colours and accents precisely the way you want. You can choose from five different patterns and combine them in the way that appeals to you. The only pattern that cannot be combined with any other is Goose Eye. You can choose between mixed and single-colour yarns. You can also add accent colours in stripes, or divide the rug into several colour fields – the possibilities are endless.

Pattern: Goose Eye 909, Post 911, Stripe 981, Dot 982, Uni 988.
Material: 100% wool yarn woven on linen warp.

Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg

In 2012 Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg celebrates 25 years as Chief Designer with Kasthall. To crown it all off, Gunilla has been awarded the Swedish Elle Interior Design Prize for 2012. Since 1987 Gunilla has played a very important part in Kasthalls International success thanks to the rugs she has designed for the company, which have helped to establish Kasthalls reputation around the world.